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Ontario Diver's Log

These webpages are based on one diver's experiences diving around Ontario, and cover some of the highlights, based on logbook entries. There are a lot of pages of less exciting dives in my logbook, but I figured you wouldn't want to read about them, almost as badly as I didn't want to type them up.

I should probably start off by disclaiming that some of this represents my own opinions and possibly-flawed records; other Ontario divers may dispute some of the things I say. However, this should serve to give a good overview of Ontario diving to new divers, potential new divers, Ontario divers who haven't seen everything yet, divers from elsewhere who might want to come diving with us, or even for Ontario divers who want to reminisce a bit.

I should also disclaim that some of the dives I describe do venture a bit beyond the "recreational limits" and into the realm of technical diving. Just because I did these dives doesn't mean you have to too; know your own limits and dive safely. Also, some of the river dives call for being in reasonably good physical shape, because the current can be a strong opponent. Finally, adequate thermal protection is essential in Ontario's waters. Dive safely!

The majority of divesites on my Great Lakes Wreckdiving and Ontario Shore Dives pages are ones I've done, although I've started listing some that I haven't had the chance to do yet too.

For a more definitive guide to Ontario diving, consult Cris Kohl's book, "Dive Ontario". Volume 1 has most of the better-known divesites; the original edition with all the annoying little mistakes is out of print, but a reprint has recently been released. Volume 2 adds a lot more sites. Both are available in most dive stores in the province. In any event, if you're diving in an area for the first time, nothing beats having a local divemaster or instructor to show you around (and all of them will have dogeared copies of volume 1 in their divebags). I've made a point of using only data from personal experience on these pages and haven't taken things from Cris. Buy your own copies. I'm still deciding whether to replace my first-edition Volume 1 with the snazzy new one.


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