Jeep Jamboree 2000

Some pictures from Jeep Jamboree in the Kawarthas (Ontario, Canada) the July 14th/2000 weekend. Yes, this is how She Who Must Be Obeyed and I spent our 10th wedding anniversary.

It climbs over rocks. It crawls through mud.

Basically, SWMBO wanted something that would go faster than her Massey 285 went in High 4, but without giving up any of the toughness or off-road capability. The lack of a PTO on a Jeep Cherokee, while perhaps regretted, is probably just as well with children around. And we don't have any farm implements to pull behind it anyway.

This is a lot more than a "look macho in the suburbs" SUV; this is a vehicle to be appreciated. Here it's in its element.

Mud in mirror is closer than it appears.
The long puddle. You've got to clean off your license plate once in awhile; it's the law. I want to go back and get an MP3 of the sound of a Jeep going through the water. First there's the hiss as the hot exhaust system gets wet, then a lovely burbling sound as the exhaust bubbles out the submerged exhaust pipe.
The game, back at base camp: try to get the Jeep to stand on four bits of railway tie. Not as easy as it looks, since you've got to apply enough power to get all four wheels to climb at once (on the trail you try to present at an angle so you're only trying something with one corner at a time) and then you have to be quick on the brake or you're over and down again.
Links to nice big pictures of a muddy Jeep
Photo sequence: going deeper. This is what that word "Sport" on the side of the truck is all about.